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By the year 2020, Entrepreneurs listen & speak inside of "Anything you want for yourself and your life is available and possible" Leaving a legacy of a created life for future generations!

Christina Knot

(ruff draft) dated Jan 31, 2021 Making a promise has impacted the direction of my life. At the time I made the promise... (2008) I struggled with the words and or possibility, the mission and questioned what I could possibly be doing here on earth following a life threatening accident and after death life experience in1998. Why in the world was I sent back here so messed up? Once I discovered the words and mission, The Promise.... I heard that it would be useful to have my promise live somewhere? Huh! live somewhere? which means? what exactly? I searched and looked and continued to move forward... Creation of Freedom and other many Landmark Wisdom Courses.... so that finally ... knowing that all odds where against me (medically speaking) I eventually created my company: Phoenix Prosperity. The Phoenix rising from the ashes to give birth to a Business Management System (much bigger than myself and what was possible then). Medically speaking this could not be possible as a result of the important injuries but mostly because of the serious brain injury sustained in the accident. I probably would have never thought of this? Why put myself in such as position with a head injury. Take so much risk! Why would I so challenge myself this way! And challenges where many. They're where major obstacles that could have had me throw in the towel. I was driven by the promise or the promise was driving me, pushing me to new levels of capacities! To me its a miracle that this has accomplished itself.... We now have a full blown application " trademarked and have not only high end users using it to manage their business but consultants that want this for their clients. Hum! How is this possible? The circumstances and life situations where not alligned for this to happen! It was not forceable that this could even happen until the fall 2020 when everything started to become real and alive (NO going back now! ... this must continue). Kind of interesting that it fell in place exactly inside of the year 2020, that far away date that was written on my promise where I thought to myself "its like creating fiction". How is this possible? Leaving a legacy to future generations? Huh! How is that done? Fall 2020, I created with my 3 children what was possible and the structure "A separate Holding company where they would pursue the mission and tag on to Phoenix Prosperity" Daniel my son that was closes to the building of the ship actually took on that he would enrol his brother and sister. The 3 children committed themselves to the future of iProsper (Phoenix Prosperity) and what was possible according to written agreements and a future direction. "Leaving a legacy to future generations" then became real and alive! Quite interesting I said to myself. Hum! Again this to me lands in the square of the "Miraculous". My brain rethreaded itself to sustain the work that was required and gave me what was needed. I was not sharp the way I am sharp today. How is this possible? Medically it is said that following a brain injury most of the improvements happen in the first few months and then very slowly if any at all over time. My accident happened in 1998, 10 years previous to making the promise and now we are 22 years later. I truly rose from the ashes giving birth to a new person but with the wisdom of past lives.... to create the impossible! I have generated "Leaving a legacy to future generations" that will live on and everyday I give this new life, new possibilities, I continue to take important actions every day but most importantly, since the fall of 2020, I actively enrol others and add new participants inspired to participate in the accomplishment of iProsper (The Promise) happening over and over again. This has been the single most rewarding action taken to date. I can now also say that inside of my promise, “Anything you want for yourself and your life is available" is created inside of the customizability of iProsper whereby the user can create his system with the words and direction he (she) would like .... hands on - no need of a programmer. They can themselves customize as needed their business environment (customers, potential customers, invoices, notes to file, custom forms filled in customer file ....automated tasks and emails.... and much more) all under ONE customized business management system and have as many users they would like accessing and using the same data to manage the business at the same time, from the comfort of their home and or from anywhere in the world. For example this form here from Landmark, is a custom form that can be created and sent from iProsper, filled by participants, once filled by the participant can readily by available in the participants file. I asked myself: Am I responsible of creating Covid? To have created the urge of having to automate business processes at a distance, to have created the urge for Business Consultants, IT consultants to really need to provide this to their clients? By the year 2020? Reading, responding to the survey on the score card connected me today to measures that I had forgotten and connected me to the following: I could now use the score card measures to measure my promise while previously I had created to use the 'unemployment rate' and other measures I forget, to measure the accomplishment of my promise which seemed to me like I was not on the right track in measuring my promise. I could now say that: Human Development especially the standard of living dimension that is measured by gross national income per capita could now be what I review at the same time as others in this area of measurement for their promise and this every year as it is updated. I could now say that: Phoenix Prosperity, the company was created following the promise and can measure the accomplishment of the promise from the creation and building of our web application nick named “iProsper”. The measures could be identified as : "how many individuals are signing up to use the application and automate their business environment". The next important steps that could support the promise to continue to fulfill itself: I can now say that: “I am a request for ressources”. I can now say that: “I am a request to join others that have similar promises It would really be great to have important ressources especially those from the community where the promise was actually created from as well as join others in the same area as Human Development! Christina