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Mary Thorp

CEO - Chief Existence Officer

"By 2022, I promise we live in a world of joy where all people are fulfilled, fulfilling the promise they are for the world, living lives designed from their heart."

As a leader in the realm of promises, and founder of the iPromise Bank, Mary collaborates with people in designing conversations that shape the future of humanity, including her work with digital currency. Beginning in 1997, the practice of "living from joy" led her to become a world expert on the sculpture of Harry Bertoia, lecturing nationally on art, design, & architecture of the Mid-20th Century. Thorp masterfully works with people in revealing their promise for the world.

Brian Arbor

COO - Chief Operations Officer

"By 2030, I promise a world of profound belonging, where all people are known and loved for who they really are and for the unique contribution they are in the world."

As a master of listening for and distinguishing unspoken commitments, Brian works with individuals and organizations to generate networks of conversation for fulfilling on what really matters to people. He considers singing with the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus to be one of his greatest accomplishments, singing in t existence a world of acceptance and equality. Brian is a stand for families being whole, complete, and loving...always.

Ray Carnes

TCO - Technical Creative Officer

"By 2030, I promise we live in a world where the noise has lifted, where abundance and discovery drive our thoughts and actions."

Ray was born in Australia and spent time living in London and New York City before settling with the wife and three children just outside of Los Angeles.

He has a passion for Technology and has launched many initiatives unlocking value from technology ranging from operational systems for businesses; animated election maps for television; flood models for insurance companies; analytic systems for traffic accidents' and 3D visualization for the conservation of koalas. 

In his spare time he enjoys hiking and SCUBA Diving.

Pascal Diebold

TCO - Technical Creative Officer

"I promise that by 2024 all people recognize in each other the essence of themselves as a path to Compassionate and Peaceful World of Be-ing."

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