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A world in dialogue, where humanity's first response to conflict, challenge, and the unknown is to listen.

Expression of this promise has come through in many ways over the years. From hosting The Presidio Dialgoues (conversations for conscious business) to working with Meedan (tools for English-Arabic cross-langage community citizen journalism), or with corporate (Frameworks & Focus) and individual (Boosting Brilliant People) clients ... accompanied of course by many, many personal explorations which have all deepened my capacity to hold this promise. As a friend recently said: "You live inquiry", and I heard: "You live in quiry." I love that! In the context of this iPromise Bank posting, I would say that I am interested in 1) sharing this promise as a possibility to be considered, 2) introductions to others whose life's work is consonant and resonant with what I've said here, and 3) inviting inquiries from anyone who would like my assistance as a Ponder Partner in having more of this possibility at work for themselves, their undertakings, or their world.